hi, i'm shannon. this started out as a south park blog but it's turned into a south park/a:tla/LoK/homestuck/whatever blog. here's my main blog, btw. i just used the word blog way too many times. i love candy and maiko more than a 21 year old probably should, but i ship other things as well. i also write, but i'm still in the process of learning how to do it without it turning into a big steaming pile of shit. (it's going slowly.) so, yeah.
jane crocker is the sunshine of my life and i love meenah peixes more than i love you.
House Lannister




This will forever be the best moment in venture bros history

I love the DVD commentary about this part. They say it’s one of their favorite things that they’ve written, and that they came up with it a year before the rest of the episode was written “while cleaning the Astrobase”. Jackson said he tears up about it. IT’S BEAUTIFUL

if you ever need a reason as to why you should watch vbros watch this goddamn scene

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i didn’t like the lesson either but i wouldn’t go so far to say that they threw her personality under the window

i mean there is this thing out there called character development

"joy to the world, the lord is cum"? y’all are some nasty fuckers

when the fuck did i turn into sheila broflovski

i’m not even sad right now i’m just angry

like they could’ve cut out some of the dumb repetitive jokes and put more story into this or maybe SOMEONE who saw her point

whatever y’all all i’m getting out of this is wenrietta should be a thing because fuck everyone in that town besides wendy and the goth kids tbh

i mean obvs i wanted her to click no but seriously y’all i’m p sure she clicked yes

what a fucking amazing message to send to women matt and trey



welp that’s it i am Pissed Off

canon annie last name!!!